Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Written With The Characters Joined

def. Cursive
of writing : flowing often with the strokes of successive characters joined and the angles rounded.

I am the sixth grader who wrote a report on Ireland that was 40 pages long handwritten, in cursive.

I am the teenager who penned each detail of life in a notebook.
I am the young adult who majored in journalism because at the time it felt like a good compromise between the love of writing and acting.
I am the wife who corresponded via letters for three years before marrying her sweetheart.
I am the mother who jots down vignettes of her children’s brilliance.
I am the human who thinks, drawing connections between truth and experience.

I am a writer who wants to spread truth. Writing for me is the medium through which thought flows from my brain in an intelligible way.

Writing, for the world, is the medium through which things are joined—people or ideas, writers and readers. That joining, like letters on a page, has the power to unify diverse people and ideas and create a movement that will change the world. For good. Or for bad. This change starts in the mind and pen of the writer and then expands in the choice of the reader. It is the choice to take action once that joining occurs that determines the character of the world.

I am a co-author on this blog joining my thought to the words of the other authors in a way that I hope will create action with each post. A joining of minds that will change the character of the world for good—if you, the reader, let it.

Writing Tip: To generate ideas for your next project, try brainstorming the old fashioned way: uninhibited, handwritten, and with a time limit. Maybe in cursive.


  1. I love your handwriting, Abbey. I agree with you that words have the power to join writers and readers. They have the power to communicate ideas and connect emotions, too. Thank you so much for sharing your words and the writing tip.

  2. I totally relate to this. I think and discover through the process of trying to communicate. I especially discover things through writing. My Brain engages and off we go. Thanks for expressing the process so well.

  3. Thanks Abbey. I'm grabbing my pen and notebook right now! Beautiful expression.